The Subaru G4e.


Subaru G4e is a concept car based on the R1e (2 seat, 40kwh battery, 104kph, 80km range) proof of concept. However, the G4e has all the makings of a real car, rather than just a concept, with a 200km range on a single charge.

Using a fast charge circuit, 80% of the battery can be charged within 15 minutes so it is very convenient to drive long distances and charge up, maybe after a stop at a shopping mall, at work or back at home – if there is the high capacity charging circuit available. A full charge on a home circuit (110v) will take 8 hours. The battery itself is a next generation vanadium based battery rather than lithium and gives the G4e double the range compared to a lithium battery.

The motor is a 65kW permanent magnet synchronous motor. It is a 4-door hatchback and can carry 5 people, with a triangular shape that gives it a low 0.276 drag factor. It is also slightly larger than a Toyota Yaris so the Subaru G4e should be a very useful and popular vehicle.