As part of a data-gathering campaign aimed at studying the feasibility of its electric vehicle project in markets worldwide, Mitsubishi Motors has kicked off the New Zealand trial of the zero-emissions ‘i MiEV*1′ electric vehicle along with local partner Meridian Energy.

More than 100 government representatives and other key stakeholders were invited to drive the car and discuss its potential for the New Zealand market.

New Zealand’s Minister of the Environment Nick Smith lauded the arrival of the Mitsubishi: “This is the beginning of an exciting energy revolution as significant as the economic transformation from the steam engine to the internal combustion engine more than a century ago,” he said.

The event was held in the lush surroundings of Zealandia, a 252-hectare wildlife preserve of which Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand is a long-term principal partner.

Announced in October 2006, the i MiEV represents the pinnacle of Mitsubishi Motors’ green technologies. Currently involved in testing and promotional activities in Japan, New Zealand, the US and across Europe, the i MiEV will be launched in Japan this summer.

Meanwhile, the i MiEV Sport ‘Air’ concept has been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.


Sketch of Mitsubishi’s Prototype i Miev electric plug-in sports car.

(Credit: Mitsubishi)

Mitsubishi released a more detailed sketch of its Prototype i Miev on Thursday.

The all-electric sports car concept is set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show this March alongside the i Mieve Sport Air concept car.

Both are follow-ups to Mitsubishi’s i Miev hatchback, which is currently undergoing “feasibility testing” in Europe. The hatchback, which is scheduled to go on sale in Japan sometime this year, can be plugged into any household outlet for recharging.

Though at 7 hours to recharge at 200V outlets and and 14 hours at 100V outlets, owners may opt for a higher-voltage option.


The i Miev hatchback all electric plug-in due out soon in Japan and possibly Europe.