Hold on to your hats green car fans – 2009 could be the most exciting year yet for brand new concept cars and innovative technology.

Loremo’s eagerly anticipated three powertrain prototypes are expected to be completed this year with the first boasting fuel consumption of 120mpg. The vehicle, the base model Loremo, will feature a 770ccm diesel engine along with turbo-charging, inter-cooling and exhaust gas recycling.

The initial target was 157mpg – however, this has been downgraded slightly.

The second model in the range will be the Loremo GT, which is seen as a sportier alternative. It has an 850ccm engine that is capable of running on liquefied natural gas (LNG) or pressurised natural gas (PNG).

Also waiting in the wings, is the Loremo electric vehicle, which is the closest to production out of the three prototypes. Test runs have already started and the car has been certified for its road worthiness.

The three Loremos will use the same body and the company is targeting late this year, or at the latest the beginning of next year, to have its vehicles on the road. The cost of the Loremo is expected to range from €15,000 for the basic model to €20,000 for the GT.