RUF Automobile and Siemens Corporate Technology, the research arm of Siemens, debuted their all electric car concept at the Geneva Motor Show this week.

The Greenster like its name suggests is designed to look like a roadster vehicle of yesteryear complete with plaid seats. But the tech speaks to the 2000s interest in green technology.

Siemens is providing technology for the car’s power train which includes the motor/generator, the power electronics, and the interface with the car’s battery.

The Greenster concept car displayed at the Geneva Motor Show had only one motor. But the Pfaffenhausen, Germany-based company said in a statement that the street-version, which the company plans to start selling in 2010, will actually have a dual-motor system.

The electric vehicle will be able to recharge in less than an hour when plugged into a 400V outlet. The company made no mention of how long the car might take to recharge if the street version is made to plug into household outlets, which fall between 100-240 volts depending on the country.